Inch Loss Treatments at Prima Beautology

Using the best in technology, aesthetics, home care products and science, we provide a whole host of inch loss treatments within the clinic. 

Your therapist will do a full consultation to understand your goals. They may be skin tightening, as well as inch loss, which we can help with. 

You may just want a single session of ice lipo to shift stubborn inches, or would prefer a structured, individually tailored programme to ensure you achieve maximum results. We can advise on the best, scientifically proven products for you to use whilst on your inch loss journey and also have healthy eating plans for you to follow. 

If you want a quick fix, we also provide Aqualyx Fat Injections every Thursday in the clinic with our lovely practitioner Hannah. 

To read more on all of our inch loss treatments, just click on each one below to be taken to the treatment page.