Brow Lamination

Welcome to the brand new eyebrow trend which is sweeping the nation. Brow Lamination gives you a full, uniform, fluffy tipped brow, giving a natural but thicker appearance. 

It's a fabulous alternative to micro-blading and can last up to one month. It's the ultimate solution for eyebrows which lack symmetry where hairs follow a different pattern. It creates volume, fullness and an easy to look after brow shape for up to one month. 

Your experienced brow tech will tame your brows into perfect position and then will place a special solution on the eyebrows and push them in an upwards direction so all of the hairs are facing the same way. We use a keratin based solution to encourage natural growth, which also protects the hair with a special film. 

We then go through a three step process to straighten and fix the hairs into position. Once this is completed we will tint and shape your brows to perfect the look. 

Your technician will sculpt your preferred finished look, fluffy or partly structured. 

The complete process takes around 50 minutes in total, using the fabulous Brow Bomb system. 

Book the brow lamination treatment online or call the clinic. Intro offer of £30! Patch test may be required 24 hours before. This can be posted to you if preferred.